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An online program to teach you self empowerment strategies so you can make sweet lemonade out of life's sour old lemons


People Leadership is all about the right strategy

Hi, I’m Andrea, award winning people leadership mentor, founder of People Strong and author of the People Power: How to energies the most valuable asset in your business!

I develop Kick Ass Leaders and teams. Why? Because now, more than ever, we need kick ass leaders who are motivated to create organisations that people want to be a part of.

I've been working with all kinds of leaders to rock themselves, their teams and their organisations to the next level for a very long time. The greatest benefit clients get from working from me is they become the kind of leaders everyone looks up to and wants to work for.

Kick Ass Leaders live up to their potential of being proactive, inspiring, knowledgeable and successful leaders who help others.

Kick Ass Leaders create great supportive, loyal teams of people to help them achieve their dreams and in return provide their people with opportunities and a great, fun environment to bring out the talents in them.

Kick Ass Leaders create extraordinary organisational results.

Leaders reach out to me when they've reached the limit of their knowledge and abilties and they need support, credible knowledge and mentoring to help them to improve to the next level in leadership.

They want effective strategies and inspiration that's right for them, not prescriptive, inflexible solutions.

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There’s no time like right now to get confident and transform your leadership abilities.  With a combination of practical ideas, mindset hacks and techniques to clear blocks, you’ll rock your business and your leadership to the next level.


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