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Hi, I’m Andrea, award winning people management expert, mentor, author, speaker and influencer on a mission to help you feel happier at work. Why? Because when people are happy at work their lives are positively transformed.

I’ve one big purpose in life - I want to inspire a positive change in the way we work.

I've been working with businesses to create happier workplaces for a very long time.  By far the biggest benefit my clients get from working from me is that everyone (including them) ends up happier at work and are focused on doing a great job, which makes their businesses more successful.  It's a win win for everyone.

And what's more is that I can show you how to do the same thing using the same strategies and techniques I've been using to get extraordinary results.

I do this by sharing stories and strategies, answering your questions and developing information about on the best way to make changes that empower, and bring out the best in people at work.

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This is so much more than *just* a HR website. It’s a movement for leaders and people managers pushing for positive change in workplace culture - a community, supported by ideas and resources who are passionate about building this change into their own workplaces.


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