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  • Are you unhappy at work?
  • Perhaps you dread Mondays?
  • Are you constantly looking for a new job in the hope it will make you feel happier?

You are far from alone.  A massive 80% of people are in the same situation right now.

But what you might not know is you learning how to be happier at work will turn everything around.

Did you know that improving your happiness at work will make you happier at home, earn you more money and make you heaps healthier?

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Why am I so damned passionate about working happier?

"Because I've had too many crappy jobs and wasted way too much time being unhappy at work"

I've had jobs that I hated every moment I was there. I dreaded going to work, I made up illnesses to get out of work and I'd even fake meeting in my calendar so I didn’t have to catch up with co-workers that Loathed. 

I've had other jobs that weren't as bad but still the best thing about my week was a hot food at morning tea and Friday!!!

I'd come home, too tired to do anything even though I hadn’t done much at work and head straight to the fridge for a wine and some nice food to remind me that life was still good.


And it wasn't just me feeling crap about work, most of my friends and family had horror stories about how bad their jobs and bosses were.  Instead of having the time of our lives we were all waiting for something better to come along, maybe we'd win lotto or our mean bosses would get the sack.

We don't need to find the perfect job or the perfect boss or even more money -

we just need to understand that as we change to become happier we make different choices and we empower ourselves to make better choices in the future.

What's crazy is that I worked in human resources, the very job that was suppose to make work better for people. 


But, everything I'd been taught at work and at university wasn't making anyone including me any happier at work.

So, I looked outside of the traditional ways of working for answers to questions like why are some people happy at work and others aren't and what are the secrets to being happy and loving work again. I learnt everything I could about happiness, positive psychology, motivation and even the power of play until I finally reached a point that I could go to my once dead end job and feel great no matter what was going on around me.

As soon as I reached this state of happiness, something fascinating happened.  My work improved, I started to do better work, my life outside of work got happier, I was much less stressed, and I had heaps more energy and enthusiasm.  I was finally loving my life again, not just when I was away from work! 

Work has a huge influence over the quality of our lives and we can improve our lives by improving our experience of work - such a simple idea with massive impacts for all of us.

When I started working happier I took action to find work that was as happy as I was becoming.

I then started the Work Happy Movement and every day I get to help people everywhere, in every type of job how to work happy.

This challenge has been specifically designed for:
  • Anyone that wants to get happier about their work
  • Anyone that's ready to start loving life again
  • Anyone that wants to feel great about work
  • Staff can learn how to make work happier for themselves and everyone around them
  • Bosses can learn how to make themselves happier and help others do the same

Here is a taste of what you will learn:


Each part of the challenge is packed full of tips and information you can implement into your like IMMEDIATELY to Work Happier.


There is a video to guide you through the key learning's of each part and accompanying downloads for your to complete, helping you implement all you have learnt.


The Work Happy Challenge is super easy and fun to do.  

Over the next 5 days of the challenge, you will receive daily emails form me.

Each email contains a new part of the challenge to help you work happier.  You can start the first challenge as fast as you would like as Lesson 1 will be sent to you as soon as you join up.

We love surprises at the Work Happy Movement and there's one waiting for you when you complete the 5 Day Challenge


What is the course about?

The Work Happy Challenge is all about simple ways to increase the happiness of people at work, it doesn’t matter what job their in - we've got some quick and easy ideas to improve how everyone feels about work for the better

Who is the course for?

The course is for everyone and anyone . We know that 80% of people across the globe are unhappy at work.  When we are unhappy at work it's so much harder o be happier in the rest of our lives.  But when we are happy at work our lives improve dramatically.  

How is it delivered?

As an online course it's all delivered on line.  When you sign up you'll get your own log in to the course site and every day we'll send an email right to your inbox to let you know what's coming up for the day.

How much does it cost?

Nothing in dollars and about 10 minutes of your day to watch the video and do the exercise in the workbook.  It’s free for a good reason - everyone has the right to be happy!

When does it start?

As soon as you register your interest you are in!

What if I'm not satisfied?

We love the sort of feedback that helps us earn and grow and create more awesome products.  We don't love the trolling feedback or the stuff that is not helpful to anyone. So please connect with us if you've got something kind and useful to say otherwise this wont be the right tribe for you to hang out with.

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We know the Work Happy Challenge works - it's backed up by research and more we've helped thousands of people to be happier at work