When it comes to creating a happiness culture at work there’s no one right way, but there’s plenty of wrong ways If it’s got to do with what’s happening at work, or what’s happening between people at work, I can help.

Each week I answer viewer questions and share actionable ideas to help you transform work into a positive experience, doesn’t matter if you’re the boss or the employee, I love to share what I know.


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Video 1: What’s the essence of Work Happy

By Andrea | October 21, 2016

Video 2: What makes the difference to happiness at work

By Andrea | October 21, 2016

Video 3: Behind the series of happy and successful workplace

By Andrea | October 21, 2016

Video 4: Simple ways to work happier

By Andrea | October 21, 2016

Video 5: Can managing staff really be a happy experience

By Andrea | October 21, 2016

Video 6: Generational harmony at work

By Andrea | October 21, 2016
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Case Study: From stressed out and ready to sack the team to happy performing staff in just 4 months

By Andrea | October 9, 2016

   When I first met Sean (General Manager) and Wade (Operations Manager) at CSF Industries they struck me as focused non nonsense kind of guys that were at their tolerance limit with one of their teams.  In fact one of the first things they said was “were pretty sure that we’ve got the wrong people […]

Intro to Managing & Motivating Millennials

By Andrea | October 9, 2016

Do you think younger workers are lazy or really difficult to manage? Well you are not alone as it is a very common complaint that I hear from people managers and business owners. Younger workers or Millennials as they are most commonly called are becoming the dominant workplace generation in our work places. In the […]

That One Person

By Andrea | October 9, 2016

There is almost always one negative nelly that sucks all of the good vibes out of the work place. These people can be really difficult to manage and just as hard to be around. That one person is the type of person that nothing seems to make them happy, they find the negative in every […]

Cut Through Clutter

By Andrea | October 9, 2016

Have you ever noticed when your desk, office or workspace is cluttered and unorganised you feel more frazzled and note able to work as effectively as you would like? When there is clutter around you, your email is overflowing or you haven’t had a chance to get rid of last years Christmas boxes from the […]

Stop doing your staffs work

By Andrea | October 9, 2016

Are you always fixing your team members work problems? Or perhaps you are one of those mangers that jump right in and fixes the problem without giving your staff the opportunity to learn and grow? In this video, you’ll learn the effective tips of creating a more positive environment for staff to learn and grow. […]


What’s all this talk about Millennials

By Andrea | October 5, 2016

In recent months there have been daily reports about all things Millennials. They are the latest generation to get a hiding for having different expectations of work. I am not a big fan of bundling a group together by age and giving them a label like Gen X or Y or Baby Boomer. These conversations nonetheless provide […]

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