When it comes to creating a happiness culture at work there’s no one right way, but there’s plenty of wrong ways If it’s got to do with what’s happening at work, or what’s happening between people at work, I can help.

Each week I answer viewer questions and share actionable ideas to help you transform work into a positive experience, doesn’t matter if you’re the boss or the employee, I love to share what I know.


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potential employees

Luring Talent To Your Business

By Andrea | October 5, 2016

Ask a business owner what the biggest challenge is and the answer will always be increasing sales and getting good people to work for me. We spend a lot of time and money marketing our wares to potential clients. I think there is good reason to think about how we market ourselves to potential employees […]

pet friendly workplace

Is a Pet Friendly workplace right for your Small Business?

By Andrea | October 5, 2016

Spending time with my dog was one of the biggest benefits of leaving a high paying job which required a lot of time away from home. I actually think that was one of the main factors in my decision to leave. When faced with putting my dog in a kennel for 6 weeks to overcome […]


If you’re thinking “What the Fudge” a little too often in your workplace – try this

By Andrea | October 5, 2016

You’ve no doubt heard the term ‘WTF’ – ‘What The Fudge’ – but have you heard about ‘RTF’? Well ‘RTF’ stops ‘WTF’ moments in its tracks. My attempt at click-bait to get your attention aside, ‘RTF’ or Respect, Trust and Fairness done well in your workplace will stop your staff shaking their heads thinking what […]

Getting To A Happier Emotional Set Point

By Andrea | October 5, 2016

Taking control of my emotional set point was the most powerful thing I’ve ever done. It’s taken me to a new level of happiness and made me a much better operator. I hate to admit it but I used to be a sulker – it was my go to response when things didn’t work out […]

Does Your Team Know How You Make Money?

By Andrea | October 5, 2016

We are all in the business of making money. Ask your staff how you make money with your business and you might be surprised to learn that very few, in fact recent studies have shown that less that 5% of employees actually know how their employer makes money. I suggested to a coaching client that […]

survive in business

Are You Selfish Enough To Survive in Business

By Andrea | September 15, 2016

  Business owners are truly giving folk. We give to customers, to employees, to local sporting teams and charities and we give a lot just to operate our business by way of taxes and charges. All that giving can mean that getting what we want and need comes very distant last and when that happens […]


What is the big deal with coaching?

By Andrea | July 22, 2016

Coaching is everywhere – there are coaches and coaching schools popping up all-over Australia and South East Asia. The predictions are that coaching as an occupation will continue to be one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. There is every niche coach you can think of out there vying for a share […]

effective aligned values

Adding Effective Aligned Values

By Andrea | July 22, 2016

What I value may not be what you value and in that simple observation is the seed of a disagreement. Workplace values set the tone about what is most important to you and your business. It sends a message to your employees, customers and stakeholders about what they can expect in dealing with you. There […]

ways to support employees

Ways to Support Your Employees?

By Andrea | July 22, 2016

The productivity of your employees is directly related to one factor beyond all others. Beyond pay rates, desk sizes, rosters, uniform colours and performance reviews. The one factor that will determine whether an employee will work to their best is how their manager treats them. Imagine that you are an employee and you manager is […]

darren lehmann effect

The Darren Lehmann effect on people management

By Andrea | July 22, 2016

If you want to see first hand the difference a manager can make to people performance and business results you need to look no further than the Australian Cricket team over the last few years. The team’s performance was woeful under the stewardship of a “technically perfect” coach – Mickey Arthur. He used the latest […]


Most people are just hanging in there at work

By Andrea | July 22, 2016

  When you step back and observe a lot of workplaces you get to see a common and pretty uncomfortable picture. Tired people dragging themselves into work wearing forced enthusiasm and motivated to do just enough work to get by. Caffeine, free biscuits and a bitch about work colleagues are the distinctive highlights of the day. […]

the benchwarmer employee

The benchwarmer employee

By Andrea | July 22, 2016

Ever worked with someone that shows up to work and shuts down their brain on arrival? They are the employee that is just there for the pay check and has zero interest in doing no more than the minimum and attract no attention from the managers. Sometimes they will talk about what they would rather […]

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