A program to teach you self-empowerment strategies so you can make sweet lemonade out of life’s sour old lemons.

Hi, I'm Andrea.

One thing that I know for sure, is that  life will give you some lemons, guaranteed.

You know the times when things don’t go your way. Those times that leave you feeling like you've lost your cofidence and control over how your life is turning out.

Lemons can show up at work, in your bank account, in your realtionships, in your lack of energy and enthusiasm, even in the mirror.

Lemons have common traits, they show up as problems that keep you stuck. Lemons make you feel like the only choices you have to get unstuck are too big, too difficult or too hard to make. Lemons make you frustrated, cranky and exhausted.

They stand in-between you and the happy, abundant, passionate life you wish you had.

Does it have to be this way?

Lemons are your most important wake up call

Glass of lemonade with straw isolated on a white background

You already know that you need lemons to make lemonade. But, did you know that your life lemons are the most important ingredient you have to create an empowered, happier and fulfilled future.

Lemons are really showing you where you want to go and what is standing in your way.

They are teaching you where you've strayed off your real life path (the life that is filled with your brand of lemonade living).

Your lemons are opportunities to make the most amazing lemonade of your life.

The thing is, you have the power to choose if you get stuck with the sour old lemons or you can learn to turn your problems into sweet lemonade.

“Problems are the way life wake’s us up to our potential”

Your lemons are there to teach you that you can, at any time, change you life for the better. You can life's downs into an up.

You just need the right reciepe to squeeze the juice out your lemons.

There's a list of ingredients and set of instructions that will make sweet lemonade out of any type of lemons that you have.

And I’ve got the recipe

“With everything that has happened to you, you can either feel sorry for yourself or treat what has happened as a gift. Everything is either an opportunity to grow or an obstacle to keep you from growing. You get to choose.”

Wayne Dyer

You can’t choose which lemons you’ll get given. But you do have a choice about how you handle them, the impact they have on you and the people around you and how long they lemons stick around.

You need the lessons of your lemons to grow into and become the person this world needs you to be.  The strong and kind woman that is capable of making amazing things happen and changing the world for the better.

Every woman I’ve coached wants to be empowered enough to make positive difference for others and themselves. Yet, they feel held back because of the problems that keep showing up and that keep them from achiveing what they most want. 

These incredible, smart, kind women believe lemons are a signal that they’re failing or not good enough or that there is something wrong with them, they need to give up or they need to settle for less.

Over time and with enough lemons they become disempowered and loose their enthusiasm and passion.

What they learn by working with me is the simple recipe and instructions that revive their self confidence, self belief and self empowerment.

Lemons need to be unpacked, peeled and squeezed to make lemonade.

My recipe for making lemonade out of life's problems is simple, I call it TLC.

You start by turning up the Truth on the situation, then Let go of your disempowerment and finally we Create a better future.  It can be used with any type of lemon you’ve got, be it a money lemon or a health lemon or a relationship lemon.

I want you to know that even the biggest, juiciest, sourest lemon can make the sweetest lemonade, that will empower you, nourish you and that you can go on to share with others.

I know, I’ve had some whopper lemons handed to me and have gone on to create the kind of empowerment, freedom and success that I once I used to dream about.

Let me share a story

"within our darkest moments our brightest treasures can be found" marc allen


I’ve been there.  I had a business that was failing, I tried everything I knew, worked with consultants, saged the store, pumped money in to increase advertising and nothing seemed to be shifting.   I was exhausted and really sad that nothing I was doing was working.

I remember how one night I was particularly stressed and I read the story of a woman that was the same age as me and was facing a really uncertain future.  She was broke, had faced an unfair amount of lemons in her life and then then got diagnosed with cancer.  My heart was breaking, and I found myself feeling guilty that I wasn’t more grateful for all that I had – a failing business was nothing compared to this brave woman’s story. 

As I read on, she said that contracting cancer was a life changing moment. She wrote that it was the best thing that could have happened to her because she faced it and it woke her up to her true value and path in life.

This situation with my business was just the wake up call I needed find and use the gifts this lemon was giving me. 

I found myself re-awakened, back to the empowered version of me.   I’d always known that there was a way back to self confidence and self belief, even when I was feeling dispempowered. 

The gifts in my business failings were enormously valuable.  I got real with myself about the business performance and how I was managing it.  I brought in the right kind of help, had the tough discussions I'd been putting off, and stopped worrying what others would think about me and my situation.

Instead of my lemon of a business controlling me, I empowered myself  to take back control and the results have been fantastic.  My sales are up, the profitability has improved and I've got a great plan in place to make up for lost time.

Imagine if I'd stayed in my disempowered state - I would have blown a $300,000 investment and never have known of my true power to turn my business around.

The Lemonade Cure is my way of connecting you with your empowering gifts.

Your lemons hold within them exactly what you need to wake you up and show you your path to becoming the amazing powerful, influential, inspirational, successful women you can be.

When you learn how to make lemonade out of our lemons you become more self confident, have more self belief and more aligned with your real purpose. Your life takes on deep sense of ease, happiness and fulfilment. 

There is another incredible teaching from your lemons – when you learn the valuable lessons and connect with your gifts you will become inspired to help others who are experiencing the same things you did.

Most people will never get to experience life at this higher level. Instead they'll do what so many people do when life hands them a lemon - they'll put everything into avoiding it and trying to make it go away.

Running away, acting strong, faking it and even accepting our lemons is not the path to empowerment and fulfilment. They are all terrible choices and they miss the truth of why we have to experience disappointment in the first place.

Our lemons are there to wake us up, make us face the truth about what we really want for ourselves and our loved ones, clear all the crap and excuses out of our lives and ultimately bring us into a place of self-empowered happiness and fulfilment.


“what if we could feel lucky about our challenges” Pema Chodron

Imagine knowing how to upgrade your abilty to respond to life's lemons, so that you could get the most from them.

There are self empowerment processes you can learn that will take you step by step and show you how to make sweet lemonade out of your crappy sour old lemons, in any area of your life.

If you don’t take the steps you’ll always get stuck when lemons show up in your life and feels like life is against you. 

If you want to live and lead at your best and fullest potential and have life happen for you, then it’s time to do something about it now. 

I’ve taught many women to understand the real purpose and gifts of their lemons and showed them the steps to be empowered and positively transformed their lives and work. I’m so grateful to be sharing my Lemonade Cure with you in this online program.


This program is for women who…

  • Want to learn the skills to self-empower in any situation,
  • Want to feel more confident to handle the challenges life and business serve up,
  • That want to learn to how to act and live in a more self-empowered way,
  • Want to connect with a community of like-minded women that empower each other,
  • Want to uncover their real gifts
  • Want to serve as inspiration to others and
  • Want to live their life in the way that makes them energised and fulfilled.


Ready to learn how to squeeze some sweet, juicy lemonade out of your batch of lemons? Here's how…

Let’s make some Lemonade

Week I is Induction Week - Let’s get the staples sorted

1. Take a look around the kitchen – get comfortable with the site, where the buttons are, how you can reach out for assistance

2. Connect you to the exclusive and private Lemonade Club Facebook group so you can meet, chat and share with the other people going through the program

3. Introduce you to the key ingredients of the Lemonade Cure, so you can have a deeper understanding into the theory behind the method

4. Show you the secret stash of tools and

5. Kick off Facebook Live session on Monday…to connect everyone, learn about the full schedule and plan of the course so you get maximum benefit and value from your investment.


Weeks 2 to 6 are your Lemonade Making Weeks

Lemons show up in every area of our lives.  Most of us have a couple of lemons hanging around in more than one place in our lives– some bigger or smaller than others.

Each week we’ll use the TLC method on one are of life. We'll be empowering you, your realtionships, your health, your money and your business and work.

For each week you’ll be given a comprehensive e-book, weekly videos, weekly exercises to find your lesson in your lemons and then turn those suckers into lemonade or margaritas or tequila slammers.

We don’t want to fill you up with information in the Lemonade Cure, we want to show you what you are really made of and how you can use the TLC in your everyday life and work.

Every week Andrea will host a Facebook Live Q& A within the private group to go deeper into the course content, provide new exercises and insights and allow you to ask questions and connect with Andrea directly.


Module 6 Lemonade Living

Our focus for the last week is celebrating the work we’ve done and on creating better, brighter future.

Out with the old and in with the new and to celebrate this we will lay some plans down and empower ourselves to shine our truth and light with the world around us. 

If you’ve followed the recipe then you’ll notice that your life will taste fresher and sweeter, you’ll be feeling empowered, super optimistic and you might even go looking for some fresh lemons to take on. 

And you’ll:

upgrade your ability to make lemonade out of any lemon

have the resources to help you get through life tough problems and challenges

have daily rituals to keep you in the flow of life

have a much better relationship with yourself

move beyond day to day living as you create an incredible future for yourself and everyone around you

find yourself inspired and empowered by lemons

have connected to your amazing inner wisdom that will guide you towards fulfilment

“The universe wants us where we are right now and the universe wants the best outcome for all of us, we have to do our part.”


Friday 27th April

Enrolment for this round of the Lemonade Cure closes at 5 pm on Friday 27th April 2018.

For this first ever round, the Lemonade Cure is limited to ONLY 20 people.  It's a cosy, small group for the first round you'll be one of the very first Lemonade Cure grads - that's really special!

Monday 30th April

The first ever round of the Lemonade Cure will kick off on Monday 30th April 2018.

The week one lessons will be released on that date and Andrea will be hosting a Facebook Live group call with Q& A at the Lemonade Club private page, exclusive for program member only.


HOW MUCH does the Lemonade Cure cost?

For this FIRST ever round of the Lemonade Cure is at a super discounted rate. As this is the first run of the program, I am limiting to 20 participants only.

Although the Lemonade Cure is amazing right now, we want to make sure it’s perfect.

We’ll be giving you heaps of incredible content and also asking for your insights and ideas to make the Lemonade Cure even better in Round 2!

One Payment


3 Payments

3 x $125


Lifetime Membership

With the Lemonade Cure you get access lifetime access to the full program. 

By joining now you’ll also receive FREE access go future live rounds of the Lemonade Cure.


Contact Us

Getting in touch is easy! If you have a question we’re super approachable just send us an email: hello@andreatunjic.com or connect with me through Facebook.

We’d be happy to help in any way we can. Family (and coffee if it’s before 8am) come first so we only respond to emails Monday to Friday, from (you guessed it) 8am to 5pm, AEST.

Want to try some Lemonade?

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