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Inspiring a Happiness Culture at Work

Andrea Tunjic is a sought after keynote speaker and guest presenter.

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A passion for people management meets award-winning expertise

Andrea’s speaking style

Andrea brings passion, experience and a positive approach to connect her audience with any topic. She is committed to making any event she is involved in a success by delivering immense value to everyone in the room. With 20 years experience in the people space Andrea’ s presentations combine real world strategies, practical resources and innovative ideas to inspire her audience to create happier, thriving workplaces.

Andrea is available for conferences, workshops
and guest presenting on a range of topics.

She loves to talk about bringing out the best in people, as well as....
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Delivering Happiness at Work

Zappo’ s built a billion dollar company on happiness at work and showed us just why pursuing happiness as a business goal makes great business sense. With employee disengagement at an all time low globally, it’ s time to rethink the role of happiness at work – because when people are happier at work, they perform better on every measure.

In this keynote presentation, I share success stories of organisations that have successfully built happier workplaces, and examine common themes toinspire the audience to deliver happiness in their own organisations.

Automation, People and Work in the near future

We’ve all heard the projections, within a short period of time many existing jobs will be lost to automation and robotics. But there’s another side to this story. We need to start preparing our organisations and our staff to thrive in this emerging environment.

This keynote presentation speaks to all levels of employees. It covers four emerging opportunities and examines seven strategies to future proof any business or resume.

Delivering Happiness at Work

Leadership has changed dramatically over the last decade with many of the old ways of leading becoming ineffectual and out-dated. We know that poor leadership is the leading cause of disengagement in our teams. More than ever organisations require people leaders to inspire and energise their staff. This comes from understanding individuals leadership strengths and weakness and creating a pathway to change.

In this keynote presentation I cover the seven characteristics all modern managers must have in order to become a successful people leader.

Bring Out the Best in People at Work

We know that leadership has changed, but do we understand how much has changed for our staff? What our organisations need from staff, and the changing expectations of staff, provide an incredible opportunity to build more agile and rewarding work for everyone.

In this keynote presentation I offer fresh and contemporary strategies to the challenge of bringing out the best of people at work.

Managing and Motivating Millennials

If you work with anyone born after 1980, then you're working with the Millennial Generation (AKA Gen Y). They've got a reputation for being lazy, entitled, impatient, and hard to manage. BUT, if you want your organisation to grow and remain successful, you need to know how to recruit, train, manage, motivate and retain them.

In this keynote presentation I help managers understand what motivates these young workers, how to manage and work with them, and most importantly, how to form productive relationships with them.

Culture Can Make or Break a Business

Great cultures deliver great results - poor cultures do the opposite. The Harvard School of Business recently wrote that “culture can make or break a business” yet there are many leaders who still think that culture is ‘soft’ HR work. Many fail to recognise the significant tangible benefits that come from a strong aligned culture.

In this keynote presentation I provide practical strategies to identify, fix and leverage organisational culture.

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Andrea Tunjic is a leading voice in creating positive change in workplace culture.

She is an award winning entrepreneur, people management expert, published author of People Power: How to Activate, Energise and Inspire the Most Valuable Asset in Your Business, contributing writer, business mentor, passionate speaker and influencer on a mission to help people become happy at work.

She is also the creator of a range of online courses aimed at giving everyone in the workforce the tools they need to positively influence work and the developer of ICoachMe, a self-coaching app that has been recognised by the International Coaching Federation.

There isn’t much Andrea doesn’t know or hasn’t tried when it comes to implementing cultural change and boosting staff performance and morale. With a diverse career spanning 20 years in the people space, she is just as passionate now about creating engaged, empowered and successful teams as she was when she first started.

Andrea has worked on both sides of the employment fence in union roles, as a HR exec, as a small business owner and now as a sought after people management expert. She mentors leaders to improve business culture and engagement, and helps implement programs to optimise people performance.

Andrea’ s approach is engaging, authentic and practical with an unwavering commitment to empowering staff and leaders to be their best and become happier at work.