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As employers...

We want to see our people happy and performing at their best. Yet, it’s often our people that cause us the biggest frustrations.

Right now, 80% of employees are unhappy, disengaged, just performing and looking to change jobs within the next 2 years.  And, finding great staff is getting harder.

The thing is, all staff want to come to work and do a good job and we get see that willingness and positive energy with new starters.

But over time something changes and our once happy, eager staff become harder to manage and we see them dis-engaging.

We spend our time and energy on finding a way to re-engage - is it them, is it us, is it the pay grade, do we need more training or is it the market or the generational gap? Often we decide it's the case of wrong fit and bring in new people only to find the cycle repeat. Or we just settle for less than we really want and need from our people.

Wouldn't it be awesome if you knew exacly how to fix it?

Imagine how much time, money and energy you and your organisation would save if your team were more consistently happy and performing at their best.   We want to show you and your team how to...

Vibe Up!
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But first let’s understand the real problem


Stage 1 - New Starter

Your employee is enthusiastic and motivated to do a good job and get along with everyone - they are vibing high. No request seems too hard and they are keen to make a good impression. You're confident that you've made a good choice in hiring them.

Stage 2 - Face Some Challenges & Problems

By now your employee has encountered some stress or challenges at work. Maybe you said no to a request or a colleague is bothering them or they are upset about a client or an organisational decision. They try what they know to resolve things but when things don't work out as they think get stuck and start to feel unsupported. They put on a "everything fine" brave face and you're starting to notice a little change in their attitude.

Stage 3 - Face Some More Challenges & Problems

As time goes on, the new starter encounters more problems or work pressures. They lost some confidence at stage 2 and are showing signs of stress, overwhelm and frustration at being stuck and unable to achieve (low vibes).  You'll hear them complain that they are stressed and more blaming and you'll notice they are less willing.

Stage 4 - Disengage/leave

By now, the employee is feeling really low vibe, they are doing just enough to stay out of trouble, and are de-energised and unmotivated.  They are feeling disempowered because don't have the resources to shift out of their low vibe feelings and attitudes. You will be spending a lot of time and energy managing them and the problems they cause and will question their capabilty. This stage can start at 6 months and go on for years.


The first step to get your team off the disengagement cycle is finding and fixing the issues at the core.

For years we've tried to influence the external factors that play a role in disengagement without much success. We now know that even with the perfect job, or environment or boss or employee or pay grade the problem persists.

My experience in researching and shifting teams and their leaders to become more productive, engaged and happier at work has shown me that disengagement begins when people experience challenges that make they feel stressed, overwhelmed and disempowered.

Most people haven’t developed a set self-empowerment strategies and a positive, growth mindset that will support them when they come up against pressure or a challenge.

Instead they get stuck in low vibe attitudes and feelings that negatively influence their outcomes and results.

Over the last 25 years, I’ve discovered that individual and organisational performance, stability and engagement improve when people have the practical, inner tools to deal with the challenges in life and at work more effectively.

Vibe Me Up creates a new default response. By practicing different ways of looking at situations, your team will be primed and feel better equipped and they'll find challenges are easier to handle.


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We’ve set up Vibe Me Up to help you and help your people to get off the disengagement cycle once and for all and unlock the best, most empowered version of themselves, so you and your organisation can confidently move forward.


A self- empowered, positive mindset is

the most valuable tool in life and in business
Welcome to the

Vibe Me Up Program

We’ve set up an awesome, transformative online self-coaching program get rid of Mondayitis and get you and your people feeling positively energised about their  9- 5 again!


The Vibe Me Up Program...

is a fresh, new whole of team approach to build engagement. Our methodology is to focus on practicing strategies to rewire responses. Using the very same tools and techniques used in expensive one on one coaching, Vibe Me Up gives your staff bite sized skills to help them become the best version of themselves and make them super effective at achieving their goals in life and at work.


We’ll help free your people from:

• Feeling uninspired
• Stress and overwhelm
• Lacking confidence
• Focusing on the negative
• Holding on to grudges
• Creating more problems and challenges

We'll help you experience:

• Happier more engaged people
• Less challenges
• More confidence and trust in your team
• Improved critical thinking and problem solving
• Less conflict in work relationships
• Increased productivity, stability and performance


Vibe Me Up inspires participants to learn, practice and integrate positive, self-empowerment which leads to better outcomes for themselves and their organisations.

As the old saying goes "Tell me and I'll forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I'll understand".  Vibe Me Up is not like any other HR training tool kit. There’s no management theory, rather we are all about inspiring growth and development in a hands-on, innovative and engaging way.

The aim of every Vibe Me Up activity is to build the participants optimism, resilience, resourcefulness and shift them into a better feeling perspective, emotion or action.

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The benefits...

The benefits of Vibing Up are still being uncovered but we know for sure that it results in:

  • Enjoying challenges
  • Reduced stress
  • Living up to your potential
  • Willingness to try new things
  • Enhanced wellbeing
  • Being able to meet expectations
  • Empowered teams
"feel good first and success will follow"

Our team motto


Here’s a taste of what you’ll receive:


Daily Vibe Enhancing Experiments

21 custom made quick, easy and steps to shift Vibes, and encourage a growth mindset. We've also included the award winning ICoachMe self-coaching method recognised by the Internal Coaching Federation


Work Happy Challenge

6 inspiring video lessons to get you and your team feeling positively energized about your 9-5. Packed full of practical tips that you can all implement straight away and to Work Happier.


Vision Board Team Building Party

A step by step guide to creating Vision Boards. It's a playful way to connect the team with their personal "why", learn more about each other and crystalise what you all want to experience in the future.


Measure Your Vibe  Vibe-O-Meter

As the old saying goes "what get's measured get's improved" and the same goes for the Vibe of your team and organsiation. We'll give you social proof that Vibing Up works.


Support for when you are Live

From the day you press start you'll have program support.  Everything you need to successfully complete Vibe Me Up is set up ready to go live now.


We’ll use our Vibe-O-Meter survey to measure the Vibe of the participants and again after they’ve finished the course. We’ll report on improvements in wellbeing, optimism, engagement, energy and empowerment.


We’ll work with you to decide on a kick off date for the 21-day Vibe Me Up happiness experiments. From there each participant will get access to the membership site and an inspiring daily email reminder to do their Vibe Me Up experiment for that day.


We’ll also be encouraging the participants to take the Work Master Class, or you can do one lesson a week with the whole team. And we’ve created a specially designed Vision Board party team building activity with a user’s handbook to help you run a successful team building activity.


You’ll have online support during the life of the program.


We know that Vibing Up doesn't mean that life suddenly becomes rainbows and unicorns, and that life's stressors will keep happening.  But they won’t have the same negative impact they once did, so you and your team can focus on what really matters to you.


How good will it be to have a team that loves coming to work and are focused on making things better?

Choose today.

one payment of

  • Access for up to 5 people*
  • 21 Vibe Enhancing Actions delivered daily
  • Step by Step Vision Board Party Guide
  • Access to our Vibe-O-Meter
  • Program Support
  • BONUS Work Happy Challenge Video Series
  • *Larger team pricing availaible on request


Andrea has a unique set of skills and insights that are invaluable.

She has a special gift in getting to the core of a problem you are having, and helping you not only work out how to deal with it, but also how to put strategies in to play to end the cycle once and for all. If you want to thrive in your personal life and career, she is the secret weapon you want on your side.



Andrea has helped me to be the person I want to be.

Andrea is a truly beautiful person, I love that I can be vulnerable with her and she just gets me. Andrea has given me the tools and techniques to do and be more, this has had a flow on effect in my relationships, family and my work. She has helped me to grow into the person I want to be.



Before working with Andrea I felt overworked, overwhelmed and lost.

Andrea helped me to gain direction, focus and purpose. She taught me listen to my heart and trust my intuition. I now have the freedom, confidence and motivation to pursue my passions without limitations. Thank you Andrea, you are truly awesome xx



Want to know more about


HI I’m Andrea, I’m a people management advisor that specialises in strategic people management, business improvement initiatives and leadership advice and coaching.

Over 25 years I have helped many organisations to transform their culture and outcomes by activating and inspiring the energy of their people.

In 2016 I published People Power: how to activate energise and inspire the most valuable asset in your business and I’m also the creator of a range of online courses aimed at helping people to self-empower and self-lead and I developed ICoachMe, a self-coaching method that was recognised by the International Coaching Federation.

I'm inspired to influence people's fulfilment at work in innovative and practical ways and Vibe Me Up is my best work to date. I'm also super approachable, so please get in touch if there is anything I can do to help you bring out the best in your organisation and people.

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