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Vibe Up!

Simple Daily Online Lessons to Inspire HAPPIER more successful Teams

Vibe Up coaches you and your team with tools and tips that make work easier, more enjoyable and bring out your best.

It's a fresh approach to build new skills, break unhelpful patterns and rewire more positive perspectives.

Now you can support and empower your team to take control of their own happiness and success at work.

Vibe up first and success will follow...

Our team motto


People used to think that you didn't have to be happy at work to succeed.

For many years, we've put up with low vibe work environments because we didn't appreciate the importance that inner skills like positivity, self-empowerment and feeling good had on performance as well as the bottom line.

It's common sense:  happier people are better workers, we prefer to buy from happy people, we like to work with happy people and academic research has proven that that happiness fuels success, not the other way around.

Happier staff have 65% more energy, are 20% more productive and increase sales by 37%  Source: IOpener Institute

The big question is how you get these kinds of benefits in your team.

The first thing to understand is that good inner skills are needed to experience happiness.

Well developed inner skills like positivity, empowerment, flexibility, motivation, creativity, problem-solving and resilience enable us to feel happier and influence our choices and actions.

The second important thing to know is that we often coach leaders to build these inner skills but our teams don't get access to this kind of intensive self-development.

This means that our coached up leaders, who need empowered resourceful teams to deliver good outcomes, are continually frustrated by the lack of capability and drive across their teams.

Our staff feel this frustration too, they want to better themselves but don't have the know-how.

The challenge is how to create a happier workforce,  help your people develop good inner skills and better themselves, given tight budgets, little spare time so that you can achieve great things.

That's where we come in to help.

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We call it Vibing Up

Vibing Up is the act of positively influencing your inner game for a happier, more successful career.

It works like this: when you have the resources to take a more empowered and positive approach to your work, you feel better on the inside and that causes you to respond better on the outside.  When you feel good, you are more energised, inspired, open, creative and enthusiastic which naturally makes you better at your job.

But, when your staff you don't have these resources, they can get stuck in low vibe responses and performance and that prevents them and you, from accomplishing great things.

We've designed our Vibe Up courses to develop inner and outer skills that increase motivation, productivity and performance.  Through Vibe Up we coach, guide and inspire teams to build the habit of bettering themselves, one micro skill at a time.

In return, your organisation will receive a team that is positively impacting your bottom line.

And, we've made it super easy, accessible and affordable for you and your team to participate in our programs.

Imagine leading a team of people that feel happier to be at work are happier to do great work.


Vibe Up!

Vibe Me Up 

Micro lessons that help lift mood, bounce back from work challenges and be the best you all can be.  Learn new ways to Vibe Up every day. Get your team vibed up about their 9- 5! 

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Each morning, start the day with a 5-minute Vibe Up lesson and activity.

  • fresh, feel good, bite-sized tools and tips
  • daily routine to develop beneficial skills
  • builds an inner toolkit to handle outer challenges and adapt to opportunities
  • based on practical application, not just theory
  • encourages early intervention to prevent stress
  • enables you to better yourselves as a team
  • makes it easier to experience joy and accomplishment at work

Benefits for your team:

• Daily ideas to shift their mindset
• Fast way to bounce out of slumps and "Meh" days
• Fresh, punchy, very doable actions to try
• 5-minute practical lessons to help learn new skills
• Small, powerful reminders to reset and make the most of the day

Benefits for you and your organisation:

• Happier and more engaged staff
• Increased self-awareness and self-development
• Less reliance on managers to fix moods
• Openness to new ideas and trying things
• Effortless team building and more fun at work
• Increased productivity, stability and performance


As the old saying goes "Tell me and I'll forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I'll understand".

Vibe Me Up is not like any other HR training. There’s no management theory, rather we are all about inspiring growth and development in a hands-on, innovative and engaging way.

The aim of every Vibe Me Up activity is to create an emotional tool kit of optimism, resilience, resourcefulness and teach you and your team how to shift into a better feeling perspective, emotion or action.

LOW VIBING at work IS a COSTLY problem, this is how it happens


Stage 1 - New Starter

Your employee is enthusiastic and motivated to do a good job and get along with everyone - they are vibing high.

No request seems too hard and they are keen to make a good impression.

You're confident that you've made a good choice in hiring them.

Stage 2 - Face Some Challenges & Problems

By now your employee has encountered some stress or challenges at work or at home.

Maybe you said no to a request or a colleague is bothering them or they are upset about a client or an organisational decision.

They try everything they know to resolve things but when things don't work out for them, they get stuck in a cycle of low vibe thinking and behaviours.

Stage 3 - The Turning Point

If the employee doesn't get some help to Vibe Up and see their challenges in a better way, their performance and productivity start to suffer.

They lost some confidence at stage 2 and are showing signs of stress and frustration at being stuck and unable to achieve.  But with some simple tweaks they can feel empowered again.

Or, you'll hear them complaining and blaming and you'll notice they are less willing.

Your time spent on managing them is increasing and taking you away from getting things done.

Stage 4 - Disengage/leave

Unless they know how to Vibe themselves back up,  the employee will become disengaged, problematic, unhappy and leave (or stay) at great cost to you and your organisation.

You will be spending a lot of time and energy managing them and the problems they cause.  You will start looking for ways to manage them out.

All because they didn't have the resources to shift out of their low vibe feelings and attitudes.


Understanding the Disengagement Cycle

Disengagement or up and down motivation and performance is a massive burden in organisations across the globe.  Gallup estimates that $70 Billion a year is lost in businesses, through disengagement in Australia and NZ alone.

For years we've tried to influence the external factors that play a role in disengagement without much success. We now know that even with the perfect job, or environment or boss or employee or pay grade the problem persists.

My experience in researching and shifting teams and their leaders to become more productive, engaged and happier at work has shown me that disengagement happens when people experience challenges that make them feel stressed, overwhelmed and disempowered.

Most people haven’t developed a set self-empowerment strategies and a positive, flexible, growth mindset that will support them when they come up against pressure or a challenge.

Instead, they get stuck in low vibe attitudes and emotions that negatively influence their outcomes and results.

Over the last 25 years, I’ve discovered that individual and organisational performance, stability and engagement improve when people practice using empowering inner tools to deal with the challenges in life and at work more effectively.

Our Vibe Me Up courses teach teams a new default response. We offer practical, engaging, fresh skills so your team will be primed and better equipped to respond to the ups and downs at work.


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"when you Vibe Up you light up"

Andrea Tunjic - Chief VIBE OFFICER




Daily Vibe Enhancing Lessons

Custom designed online courses with 10 easy, fun, bite-sized, useful lessons for each topic.

Each participant will get an inspiring daily email and extra reminders to do their Vibe Me Up lesson.

Each lesson is original and actionable and you'll quickly notice a positive difference in your team and their emotional skills.


Bonus Content to go a little deeper

Extra tools and resources are available to all.

We're sharing the Work Happy Challenge video series and the internationally recognised ICoachMe self-coaching e-book, with more to come.

Plus they'll have access to our private, facebook group so they can get extra support and Q & A opportunities.


Team Leaders Portal

A space for leaders to manage the program rollout and licences.

We know how hard people management can be so we've added access extra leadership resources like a team-building guide and a free downloadable copy of Andrea's leadership book "People Power: How to Activate, Energise and Inspire the most valuable asset in your business"


Measure Your Team Vibe  

We’ll use our Vibe-O-Meter survey to measure Vibes at the beginning and again after you've finished the program.

We’ll report on improvements in wellbeing, optimism, engagement, change willingness, energy, and empowerment.

You'll see the changes first hand as you adn your team undertake the program together.


Support for when you are Live

From the day you press start, you'll have program support.

We've got all the tech covered and there are no special IT requirements for you to safely and reliably access our programs.

Everything you and your team need to successfully complete Vibe Me Up is set up ready to go live now and help is just an email away.


Vibe Up Intro Series


We’ll work with you to decide on a kick-off date for the first 10-day course: Vibe Me Up.

Your first course is quick wins and instant feel good energy shifts.

Course Plan:

  1. What's Vibing Up?
  2. Encourage Your Happiness
  3. Choose to Flip It
  4. Focus on a Great Day
  5. Feel Good First
  6. Tap It Out
  7. Spark More Joy
  8. Just for Laughs
  9. Find What's Right
  10. Appreciation Celebration



Course 2

After a short break to give everyone the chance to catch up, you'll be ready for the next course.

Our next 10-day course is all about living stress free in the real world.

Course Plan:

  1. Stress Proof Yourself
  2. Make it Easier to be Great
  3. Love the Job You've Got
  4. Hug Your Workplace
  5. How to Bounce
  6. Energy Black Holes
  7. Reclaim Your Day
  8. Don't Burnout
  9. What's Your Plan B
  10. Stress Proof Plan



Course 3

After another short break, we tackle one of the biggest vibe challenges around - "I need more time".

You'll learn and try our fast and effective time management hacks.

Course Plan:

  1. Focus is a super power
  2. Close Some Loops
  3. Be Here Now
  4. Yes and No Lists
  5. Asking for Help and Getting It
  6. Get Lost at Lunch
  7. Reenergize Me Fast
  8. Slowing Down Time
  9. Overcoming Distractions
  10. Master Your Focus Journal



You’ll have access to loads of additional resources in the membership site and online support during the life of the program.


We know that Vibing Up doesn't mean that life suddenly becomes rainbows and unicorns, and that life's stressors will keep happening.  But they won’t have the same negative impact they once did, so you and your team can focus on what really matters to you.


How good will it be to have a team that loves coming to work and are focused on making things better?

Choose today.

Vibe Up Intro Series

$299 for a team of 5
  • 30 Vibe Enhancing Lessons and Activities
  • Step by Step Team Building Guide
  • Access to our Vibe-O-Meter
  • Program and Team Support
  • Extra bonus resources
  • *Larger team pricing availaible on request


Want to know more about


HI I’m Andrea, I’m a people management advisor that specialises in strategic people management, business improvement initiatives and leadership advice and coaching.

Over 25 years I have helped many organisations to transform their culture and outcomes by activating and inspiring the energy of their people.

In 2016 I published People Power: how to activate energise and inspire the most valuable asset in your business and I’m also the creator of a range of online courses aimed at helping people to self-empower and self-lead and I developed ICoachMe, a self-coaching method that was recognised by the International Coaching Federation.

I'm inspired to influence people's fulfilment at work in innovative and practical ways and Vibe Me Up is my best work to date. I'm also super approachable, so please get in touch if there is anything I can do to help you bring out the best in your organisation and people.


Andrea has a unique set of skills and insights that are invaluable.

She has a special gift in getting to the core of a problem you are having, and helping you not only work out how to deal with it, but also how to put strategies in to play to end the cycle once and for all. If you want to thrive in your personal life and career, she is the secret weapon you want on your side.



Andrea has helped me to be the person I want to be.

Andrea is a truly beautiful person, I love that I can be vulnerable with her and she just gets me. Andrea has given me the tools and techniques to do and be more, this has had a flow on effect in my relationships, family and my work. She has helped me to grow into the person I want to be.



Before working with Andrea I felt overworked, overwhelmed and lost.

Andrea helped me to gain direction, focus and purpose. She taught me listen to my heart and trust my intuition. I now have the freedom, confidence and motivation to pursue my passions without limitations. Thank you Andrea, you are truly awesome xx


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