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       Hi, I'm Andrea

I'm a leadership strategist, author, and coach with an unshakeable belief in positively empowering people from the inside out. With a diverse career spanning 25 years in the people management space, I've earned a 360 degree perspective on the needs of stakeholders at work.

I've helped businesses in the public and private sector, to improve their resilience, wellbeing, and optimism by offering innovative solutions to improve workforce performance and productivity.

Over the years I've seen too many workforces held back by low confidence, stress, and exhaustion simply because people didn't have the soft skills to overcome the challenges they were experiencing.

I developed theVibe Me Up program as an easily accessible, and affordable way to improve self-awareness, soft skills, and digital literacy.

These highly sought after skills help people become adaptable, emotionally healthier, and better able to work happier and at their full potential.

With simple and easy to use professional coaching, Vibe Me Up gives users a toolkit of modern, engaging techniques to help them to manage challenges better and take advantage of opportunities benefiting the individual, the leaders, and the organization.

And our program has been developed without jargon and heavy management theory, rather we are all about inspiring growth and development in a hands-on, immediate and engaging way.

Vibe Me Up is a flexible solution for individuals looking for a confidence boost and can be used to build greater cohesion in teams. The program is self-paced and users can access the materials anywhere and at any time and on any device.

"when you Vibe Up you light up"

Andrea Tunjic - VIBE COACH


how VIBING UP helps us at WORK 

When people face more pressure than they have the skills and knowledge to deal with, they feel overly challenged and experience stress.

For the individual stress and overwhelm can lead to strong negative emotions. Stressed out people are more likely to misperceive situations, make poor decisions, stay stuck in problems and work performance suffers because perception is clouded by low vibe thoughts and feelings.  This leads to lower job satisfaction and performance and mental and physical health conditions.

For a manager leading stressed people, you’ll experience increased tensions, less reliability, and more office politics and relationship breakdowns.

The economic costs of stress for organisations include increased absenteeism and presentism (people come to work but are unable to work at their fullest potential), lower productivity, and lower client satisfaction and increased expenditure towards compensation claims.

About stress...

Some stress can be helpful.  Good stress or “eustress” is the type of stress that we feel when we are excited.  We feel this kind of stress when we do something thrilling like apply for a new job or go on a first date.

When stress is constant and feels inescapable, like right now, with job losses, fear of illness or unhappiness at home, we step into “distress” and that’s when the negative consequence of stress manifest.

Stress is too often labeled as a sickness.  Yes, bad and chronic stress can lead to serious mental and physical illness.

For the majority, bad stress is an uncomfortable feeling in response to a challenge that a person doesn’t know how to resolve.

It's not knowing how to fix it that triggers a fear response and leads to more stress.

When seen like this, the stress response shows a soft skill gap (soft skills are those intangible, attitude skills).

Teaching attitude is difficult but not impossible

My approach to bridge this skill gap is to show people how they can cultivate an attitude of “I’ve got this”.

It works like this: when you focus on building your internal resources, then you tap into an ability to respond to things at your best and the crappy bits of work don't affect you as much.

With practices to shift to out of stress and into more positive and empowered thoughts, emotions and actions (AKA Vibe Up) people become more:

  • optimistic
  • resilient
  • confident
  • enthusiastic
  • self-supported and
  • happier

"I've got this" enables you to handle outer challenges better and primes you to take advantage of opportunities.

Vibing Up is true win-win outcome. People are enriched and empowered, managers benefit from a positive shift in performance and behaviour and organisations receive the impressive payoffs of happier people.

Happier staff have 65% more energy, are 20% more productive and increase sales by 37%  Source: IOpener Institute.

AT 3

WHy LOW VIBING at work IS a big deal


Stage 1 - New Starter

Your employee is enthusiastic and motivated to do a good job and get along with everyone - they are vibing high.

No request seems too hard and they are keen to make a good impression.

You're confident that you've made a good choice in hiring them.

Stage 2 - Face Some Challenges & Problems

By now the honey moon period is over and your employee has encountered some stress or challenges at work or at home.

Maybe you said no to a request or a colleague is bothering them or they are upset about a client or an organisational decision.

They try everything they know to resolve things but when things don't work out for them, they get stuck in a cycle of low vibe thinking and behaviours.

You are spending more time emotionally supporting them.

Stage 3 - The Turning Point

If the employee doesn't get some help to Vibe Up and experience their challenges in a better way, their performance and productivity start to suffer.

They will be showing signs of stress and frustration at being stuck and unable to achieve.  But with simple tweaks, they can self-manage.

Your time spent on managing them is increasing and taking you away you from getting things done.

Stage 4 - Disengage/leave

The employee becomes disengaged, problematic, unhappy and leave (or stay) at great cost to you and your organisation.

You will be spending a lot of time fixing the latest staffing crisis.  And, you start looking for ways to manage them out.

All because they didn't have the tools to shift out of their low vibe feelings, attitudes and actions


Understanding the Disengagement Cycle

Over the last 25 years in senior people management and leadership coaching, I’ve discovered that individual and organisational performance, stability and engagement improve when people actively practice self-empowerment.

Most people haven’t developed insight and a set self-empowerment strategies and a positive, flexible, growth mindset that will support them when they come up against pressure or a challenge at work or in life.

Instead, they get stuck in low vibe attitudes, actions and emotions that negatively influence their wellbeing as well as their outcomes and results.

It becomes about surviving work instead of thriving and being happy.

My experience in researching and shifting teams and their leaders to become more effective, engaged and happier at work has shown me that disengagement happens when people experience challenges that make them feel stressed, overwhelmed and disempowered.

Disengagement is a massive problem in organisations across the globe.  Gallup estimates that $70 Billion a year is lost in businesses, through disengagement in Australia and NZ alone.

We've tried to influence the external factors that play a role in disengagement without much success. We now know that even with the perfect job, or environment, or boss, or employee, or pay grade the problem persists.

Our Vibe Up courses coach teams to develop new responses to work challenges. We encourage people to experience fresh skills so they are primed and better prepared and empowered to succeed at work and in life.


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Feel good first and success will follow...

VIBE UP philosophy


Vibe Me Up 

Habits and hacks and to empower and energise you at work. Enjoy work, bounce back from challenges faster and get inspired to make the most of every day.  

AT 4

HOW the program WORKS...

As a coach, I know first hand that we often can't control what is happening around us, but we can learn to be deliberate and powerful responders.

What I learned, and now share, is that when you work on yourself first and know how to take action to shift out of low vibe feelings of stress, frustration and unhappiness into higher vibe feelings of positivity, calm, and resilience the way they relate to work instantly improves.

Vibe Me Up uses inspirational micro-lessons and activities, delivered through our online membership course to build a toolkit of vibe enhancing skills - self-awareness, empowering attitude, and digital literacy.

The program is self-paced and users can access the materials anywhere and at any time and on any device.

Each lesson includes a fresh Vibe Me Up coaching technique, specially designed worksheets and access to our private group for extra inspo and support.

During the program, you'll receive loads of encouragement to get access to live support and we'll be tracking lesson completion.

By the end of the program, you’ll have developed a resources toolkit and a personal Vibe Up plan filled with positive empowering skills that will help you stress less, enjoy work more.  Plus you’ll have some fun along the way.

As the old saying goes "Tell me and I'll forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I'll understand".
Vibe Me Up is not like any other HR training. There’s no management theory, rather we are all about inspiring growth and development in a hands-on, immediate and engaging way.  The empowerment is in the practice.
The aim of every Vibe Me Up activity is to build a toolkit of life skills filled with optimism, resilience, resourcefulness. We teach you and your team how to shift into a better feeling perspective, emotion or action and share some wise advice to help you along the way.

Benefits for individuals:

• Start the day with more optimism and energy
• Positively challenged by stress and pressure
• Confidence in their inner strengths and talents
• Move beyond limits and out of stress easily
• Own map for a happier more successful career

Benefits for teams:

• Teams that are on the same page as you
• Less crisis management and more focused staff
• Team that gets things done and make you proud
• Less time managing and more time leading
• Increased wellbeing and less work-related stress

Vibe Me Up

Lead yourself out of low vibes and into a happy inner knowing of "I've got this"

program outline


You’ll have access to lesson downloads, bonus Work Happy video tutorials and become part of our Vibe Me Up community. You'll get online support during the life of the program have access to Vibe Me Up forever!


We know that Vibing Up doesn't mean that life suddenly becomes rainbows and unicorns and that life's stressors will keep happening.  But they won’t have the same negative impact they once did, so you and your team can focus on what really matters to you.






The heart of the Vibe Me Up Program is a beautiful, secure and mobile responsive membership site with all modules ready to go. Plus, there’s special bonus content too!

You'll receive instant access to the modules & bonus content the moment you sign up, so you can dive in right away!



Each module has been carefully crafted with a variety of activities including video, audios, and resources so that you can easily implement the program into your busy day.

You'll also find beautifully designed downloads included and you can check off your progress and stay on track for the entire program.


Vibe Shifting Coaching 

Start your day with a fresh, inspiring Vibe Up process to reduce stress and create more enjoyment and success at work.

Over 4 weeks, a new Vibe Me Up lesson is unlocked on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Each lessons takes about 10 minutes to complete and is availble 24/7.



Bonus Content to go a little deeper

Access to the Work Happy Challenge video series and the internationally recognised ICoachMe self-coaching e-book.

Plus participants will have private access to our Vibe Me Up facebook group so they can get extra support and Q & A opportunities.


Build Your Team Vibe  

Our courses work best when they are done together.

We're all craving more fun and connection at work and sharing the Vibe Up journey brings teams closer.

We've consistently heard of 60% + improvements in good vibes, reported by teams in our programs.


Support for when you are Live

We've have all the tech covered and there are no special IT requirements for you to safely and reliably access our programs.

Everything you and your team need to successfully complete Vibe Me Up is set up ready to go live now and help is just an email away.



Team Leaders Portal

A space for leaders to manage the program rollout and licenses.

Plus a done for you step by step how to team-building activity.

And, we know how challenging managing people is, so you'll receive a free copy of Andrea's book "People Power: How to Activate, Energise and Inspire the most valuable asset in your business"

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"Vibe Me Up set me up with a good mood for the day, made me think about being positive and changing mindset on challenging and difficult days"

"I love how Vibe Me Up made me feel - I felt I could give the positive more space at work"

"As a busy business owner, I liked the fact the staff can have a break from there stressful day and quickly log in and complete their Vibe Me Up task for the day. It was a reminder that we are all human and everyone carries there stresses in life whether it be work or private life differently."

"Vibe Me Up was a small but powerful reminder on how to make the most of the day"
"Vibe Me Up was fun, even when you are busy, made you stop and spend some time on bettering 'you'"

Andrea has a unique set of skills and insights that are invaluable.

She has a special gift in getting to the core of a problem you are having, and helping you not only work out how to deal with it, but also how to put strategies in to play to end the cycle once and for all. If you want to thrive in your personal life and career, she is the secret weapon you want on your side.



Andrea has helped me to be the person I want to be.

Andrea is a truly beautiful person, I love that I can be vulnerable with her and she just gets me. Andrea has given me the tools and techniques to do and be more, this has had a flow on effect in my relationships, family and my work. She has helped me to grow into the person I want to be.



Before working with Andrea I felt overworked, overwhelmed and lost.

Andrea helped me to gain direction, focus and purpose. She taught me listen to my heart and trust my intuition. I now have the freedom, confidence and motivation to pursue my passions without limitations. Thank you Andrea, you are truly awesome xx


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